About David DelCollo

David DelCollo Attorney and Dog Lover

David DelCollo is a prominent attorney with more than a decade of experience in healthcare and contract law. He grew up in the Philadelphia area and attended some of the state’s top-performing high schools. Loath to let this considerable advantage go to waste, DelCollo read avidly as a student and excelled in his coursework. His parents couldn’t have been prouder when he announced he’d be enrolling at Duquesne University, one of the state’s top private universities.

david delcollo

David DelCollo Attorney

Duquesne exposed DelCollo to the law for the first time in his academic career. He quickly realized that his keen reasoning skills and meticulous attention to detail made him a natural fit for the demands of the bar. His professors encouraged him to take pre-law courses, and he was all too happy to oblige.

“I realized that I could actually make a go of it as a lawyer for the first time as a freshman or sophomore at Duquesne,” says DelCollo.

DelCollo resolved to attend law school as soon as he’d finished college. In 2002, Duquesne B.A. in hand, he set his plan in motion and matriculated at Widener University School of Law in the Harrisburg area. David DelCollo graduated from Widener in 2005 with a J.D.; he was admitted to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania shortly thereafter.

Getting Started

At a time when many of his classmates were struggling to find work commensurate with their skills, DelCollo jumped right into the labor market and made his mark. He accepted an associate counsel position with Acsys, an IT firm based in southeastern Pennsylvania. He was promoted to General Counsel within a year — virtually unheard of for such a young attorney — and assumed responsibility for negotiating and enforcing contracts with the Fortune 500 firms that made up the core of Acsys’s vendor and supplier base.

“I’m a far better attorney for my time at Acsys,” says DelCollo.

After Acsys, DelCollo worked for a boutique law firm in the Harrisburg area before accepting a position with one of the largest HMOs in North Carolina. He wasn’t sure about leaving his home state behind, but the opportunity — a clear leg up in terms of management responsibilities and professional visibility — was simply too attractive to turn down.

“Taking a job with one of the largest healthcare employers in North Carolina gave me insight into the dynamics of a large organization in a heavily regulated industry,” says DelCollo. While there, David DelCollo oversaw the organization’s contract department and handled a vast array of compliance issues. He also served as liaison between his employer and various North Carolina state agencies.

DelCollo returned to the Philadelphia area in the mid-2010s, when he took his current position with a major pharmaceutical firm. He’s enjoying the opportunity to expand his horizons in the “incredibly exciting” healthcare law field.

“I’m looking forward to devoting the bulk of my career to health-care law,” DelCollo says. “There’s an incredible need in this area, and I’m committed to doing what I can to make a difference.”

Dog Days and Motorcycles

DelCollo does find some time to unwind. When he’s not at the office, he’s indulging one of his two major loves: motorcycles and dogs.

David DelCollo has had a keen interest in motorcycles for a long time, while his love for dogs is a more recent innovation. But that doesn’t mean he loves his loyal pooch any less for it. By DelCollo’s own count, he’s visited more than a dozen dog parks across southeastern Pennsylvania since picking up his pup.

Dog Parks

Ever the observant dog owner, he’s increasingly adept at determining which parks are likely to pan out before he and his pooch even get out of the car. From Rittenhouse Square in the heart of Philadelphia to semi-rural parks in the foothills of the Alleghenies, in good weather and bad, DelCollo has seen it all.

“I’ve had some great experiences at local dog parks,” says DelCollo. “And I’ve had some terrible experiences, too.” He’s toying with the idea of writing a detailed guide to the dog parks of Greater Philadelphia — something he knows the region’s millions-strong cohort of dog owners would embrace.

“If I ever get around to it, I’m hoping to convince my dog-loving friends to spread the word,” laughs DelCollo. For now, he’s content to explore the wilds of on his own — or with his trusty companion, anyway.